Rhubarb Jumble specialises in 1950's-1970's clothing, homeware and furniture

Growing up I was always fascinated by auction houses and junk shops. Finding a scarab beetle necklace or a piece of Portmeirion Totem amongst a box of rusty ironmongery was my idea of a treasure hunt.

Rhubarb Jumble was born from my genuine love of old things.

By 2011 I had acquired such a mammoth collection of vintage clothes and accessories my G plan wardrobe was fit to burst. I started selling my own wares at markets and fairs around the UK. Trading opened my eyes to the real joy I get out of the seeing fellow enthusiasts love something as much as I do.

In August 2014 Rhubarb Jumble expanded to include homewares and furniture and North Street became our permanent home, I finally had a shop and Rhubarb Jumble got a front door. I’ve never looked back.

Rhubarb Jumble is proud to offer hand picked unique pieces from Europe, USA and the U.K. I have a particular fondness for the mid century aesthetic: Rhubarb Jumble specialises in 1950s-1970s clothing, homeware and furniture.

You’ll never know what you might find. From a 60s shift dress to an 80s raincoat, From a velvet wingback chair to a melamine butter dish, from men’s brogues to kids pyjamas.

The cherry on the cake, Rhubarb Jumble is the only Bristol stockist of the iconic Lea Stein jewellery.

You will always find your treasure at Rhubarb Jumble.